Wodonga Diamonds FC

We’ve partnered with Positive Electrical Services to brighten Wodonga Diamonds Football Club their iconic grounds with state-of-the-art LED lighting. Using AAA-LUX’s WS-Series targeted illumination, we’re boosting player performance while keeping light spillage in check. Take a look for yourself in the picture below, and stay tuned for the full case study to see how we’re […]

National Hockey Centre, ACT

We’re proud sponsors of the Canberra Chill at the National Hockey Centre in ACT, in partnership with Hockey ACT and the Canberra Chill team. In sports broadcasting, top-notch lighting is crucial for precise and clear action capture. AAA-LUX Australia leads the way with advanced LED lighting solutions tailored for televised sports, ensuring an unmatched viewing […]

Baranduda Soccer fields

At AAA-LUX Australia, we prioritize investments in top-tier sports facilities that elevate the game across all levels while generating substantial economic benefits through major sporting events. Our involvement in the ambitious 100-ha development, slated to be the largest regional sports precinct between Sydney and Melbourne, underscores our dedication to enhancing sports experiences through cutting-edge lighting […]

Yackandandah Football Club

In the heart of Yackandandah, VIC, a remarkable transformation has taken place at Butson Park, home of the Yackandandah Football Club. This upgrade is not just about enhancing the field with brilliant light; it’s a shining example of community and technological advancement working hand in hand for the love of sport. The recent installation of […]

North Wangaratta Football and Netball Club

For club presidents, council members, and decision-makers within sports organizations, the opportunity to transform your facilities into state-of-the-art complexes is now within reach. The North Wangaratta Football and Netball Club’s recent upgrade is a shining example of how strategic investments in lighting can dramatically enhance the competitive and spectator experience. At the heart of North […]

Mitchell Majors Baseball Club

In the world of sports facilities, choosing advanced lighting is crucial for an optimal training experience and game performance. This case study shines a light on the transformation of a sports field, where AAA-LUX implemented its innovative sports field lighting and achieved impressive results. Previously, the baseball field of Mitchell Majors Baseball Club in Broadford, […]

DXC Arena

DXC Arena, formerly known as the Marrara Cricket Ground, is the home of NT Cricket and is situated in the Marrara sports precinct in Darwin. The lighting situation at the facility was non-existent before AAA-LUX installed its state-of-the-art LED sports lighting. When looking for a new lighting installation, the primary requirement was to enable local […]

Deakin Oval

Welcome to the Deakin District Playing Fields, where sporting excellence meets brilliant lighting! Nestled off Denison Street, our fields, including the iconic Deakin 101, 102, and more, are now beautifully illuminated with AAA-LUX LED lighting. Enjoy your favorite activities under the perfect glow. And, with nearby car parking, convenience is at your fingertips. Join us […]

Burleigh Heads Bowls Club​

This time at the Burleigh Heads Bowls Club, situated close to the beautiful Australian Gold Coast. In this area there is a natural spirit here found in the incredible beaches, the oceans, the surf and the cool waterfalls and deep forests in the hinterland. But there is a human spirit too, dedicated to family, vitality […]

Whitefrairs College

Tennis and hockey can be an incredibly fast-paced, visually demanding sport. Both the ball and players move quickly around the court. Players must be able to assess the flight and speed of the ball quickly and accurately to react appropriately. In Donvale, AAA-LUX Australia was engaged by Perry Consulting Engineers and installers Geros Electrical to […]