Wodonga Raiders Sports Club

With poor current lighting conditions and only an average of 30 Lux across the field provided by four new poles, the Wodonga Raiders Sports Club in Wodonga, Victoria, was strongly in need of an adequate lighting upgrade for their pitch. Their equipment saw some serious deterioration over time and there was a definite lack of light in the middle of the field. Not the situation you want when competing at a semi-professional club level of play.

Achieving A1 Dark - L1 - Non-curfew makes club and neighbours happy

The main challenge for us was containing spill lighting, and no doubt the cross arm design took some work as well. Eventually, we installed a new set-up using four new poles, with a total of 32 Gen7 luminaires. Together with the Control Box, a new Switch Box and Remote Monitoring we fixed a new set-up that is a compliment to all those involved, bringing uniform light on the playing surface and reducing spill light to the surrounding neighbours.

All this has been done together with the professional installers of Positive Electrical Services. Wodonga Raiders can now proudly host night games with no concerns when it comes to lighting their field. We are happy to be of service for another great club that is more than delighted at their new lights.

The brief dictated the pole quantities, heights, locations, and lighting levels needed to be achieved. AAA-LUX Australia had to ensure that the best possible design was put forward that could meet all these requirements within the tender for the client. They proposed a solution that involved installing 128 x WS LED Sports Lights fixtures with various optics on six 35-meter poles in total.

Perfectly lit playing surface

The results of the new installation have surpassed all expectations, with the lighting outcome on the field being exceptional. It is now a pleasure to be able to play at night out of the Darwin heat. The lighting has provided flexible options for local cricket communities and established the ground as a premium facility to accommodate winter training and a superior playing hub for all professional cricket teams.

In conclusion, the experience with AAA-LUX has been excellent, and the results of the lighting design outcomes, local experience, build, and overall service prove that AAA-LUX can match and surpass all leading suppliers within the industry. The project partners included GLS Global Lighting Solutions as the local supplier of the AAA-LUX Luminaires, local electrical contractor Dice (Aust) Pty Ltd as the installer, and GM Poles as the pole supplier.

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