North Wangaratta Football and Netball Club

For club presidents, council members, and decision-makers within sports organizations, the opportunity to transform your facilities into state-of-the-art complexes is now within reach. The North Wangaratta Football and Netball Club’s recent upgrade is a shining example of how strategic investments in lighting can dramatically enhance the competitive and spectator experience.

At the heart of North Wangaratta’s sports facility transformation lies the installation of 4 cutting-edge WS290 AAA-LUX Luminaires, strategically placed atop new poles to bathe the netball courts in a brilliant 200 lux illumination. This level of lighting is not just about visibility; it’s about creating an environment where athletes can excel and where local and regional competitions can be showcased in the best possible light.

Sustainable, High-Performance Lighting

We proposed a tailor-made design consisting of the AAA-LUX InControl Lighting Management System with only 22 fixtures to meet 300 lux on the infield and 200 lux on the outfield. The use of a minimal number of LED lamps underscores sustainability and energy efficiency. This achieved the required lux levels for both training and club competitions. Moreover, the AAA-LUX InControl Lighting Management System offered flexibility for future upgrades.

A Beacon of Community Pride

The partnership with Positive Electrical Services has not only illuminated the North Wangaratta Football and Netball Club but has also sparked a sense of pride within the community. This project stands as a beacon, highlighting the club’s dedication to providing the best facilities for its athletes and fans.

Your Club's Turn to Shine

Imagine the possibilities when your sports facility chooses to follow in the footsteps of North Wangaratta. Upgrading to AAA-LUX’s advanced LED lighting solutions means investing in the future of your club—where every game is played under the most favorable conditions, energy bills are reduced, and your commitment to excellence and sustainability shines bright for all to see.

Take the Step Towards a Brighter Future

It’s time to light up your club’s potential. Upgrade your sports lighting with AAA-LUX Australia, and transform your facility into a landmark of sporting excellence and community pride. Join the lighting revolution today—where every game is a bright opportunity to excel.

Energy efficient at
the highest level.