Industry LED Lighting

AAA-LUX is a manufacturer of cutting-edge LED floodlights for high-mast applications in the 24/7 industry, providing energy-efficient and high-quality lighting solutions. Our LED lighting for industry is designed to improve lighting quality and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, all while keeping low maintenance costs in mind.

We believe in the philosophy ‘light when needed, dimming when possible’ or in other words ‘light only when, where and at the level needed’. This has led to a system approach of luminaires and control equipment.

Energy Efficiency and
Cost Savings

Since 2009, AAA-LUX has led the industry in manufacturing high-quality LED lighting. Our unique design allows for the re-use of existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for additional investments. With high light output and low weight and windfall, our LED lighting for industry is an ideal choice for businesses looking to upgrade their infrastructure.

AAA-LUX LED luminaires are designed with low maintenance costs in mind. AAA-Service offers additional warranty, system monitoring, and support to protect the lighting installation and prevent unscheduled costs.

Proven succes with Sport Field Lighting

Take a look at the projects we’ve successfully carried out in sports field lighting. You can compare your sports club’s situation with our previous work and witness the positive impact our lighting solutions have made. Trust us to deliver the very best quality and performance for your sports club.

Chiltern Tennis Courts

Wodonga Diamonds FC

National Hockey Centre, ACT

AAA-LUX & Safety

The quality of light is crucial when it comes to ensuring safety on the premises. Specifically, light that closely resembles the color of sunlight not only keeps people alert, but also enables them to respond faster and perceive movement better.

In addition to the amount of light, the uniformity of light is also important in terms of the extent to which the human eye is able to see sharply. This means that having a uniform light source is essential for reducing eye strain and improving overall visibility.

Furthermore, CCTV cameras also benefit from a continuous luminaire flux resulting in flicker-free lighting. By eliminating flicker, the cameras are able to capture images with greater clarity and accuracy, which can be crucial for security purposes.

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