Mitchell Majors Baseball Club

In the world of sports facilities, choosing advanced lighting is crucial for an optimal training experience and game performance. This case study shines a light on the transformation of a sports field, where AAA-LUX implemented its innovative sports field lighting and achieved impressive results.

Previously, the baseball field of Mitchell Majors Baseball Club in Broadford, Victoria, struggled with outdated Metal Halide lamps on existing poles. This resulted in suboptimal lighting conditions and failure to meet Australian standards for field training. Thus, there was a clear need for improvement to compete at a higher competitive level. This is where we and our partner, Positive Electrical, came into play!

Sustainable, High-Performance Lighting

We proposed a tailor-made design consisting of the AAA-LUX InControl Lighting Management System with only 22 fixtures to meet 300 lux on the infield and 200 lux on the outfield. The use of a minimal number of LED lamps underscores sustainability and energy efficiency. This achieved the required lux levels for both training and club competitions. Moreover, the AAA-LUX InControl Lighting Management System offered flexibility for future upgrades.

AAA-LUX Upgrade Wins Praise

Both Mitchell Majors Baseball Club, the local government, and the involved engineers were extremely positive about the improved lighting conditions. Users and spectators have also expressed satisfaction, with the new installation exceeding standards for training and competition play.

Make the right choice like Mitchell Majors

In today’s competitive sports environment, the quality of your facility’s lighting is not just about visibility—it’s about setting the stage for excellence, sustainability, and community engagement. As club presidents or council members, you have the unique opportunity to lead your sports facilities into a brighter future with LED lighting upgrades that promise not just to meet, but to exceed expectations.

Energy efficient at
the highest level.