Stadium LED Lighting

Illuminating an indoor or outdoor stadium is quite a challenge. The WS-STAD serie, is a revolutionary LED luminaires design, specifically aimed at indoor and outdoor stadiums. With 4 masts or a ring-of-fire situation. AAA-LUX enables televised games at all levels in all sports. The illumination meets all the requirements and guidelines of international and national sports associations.

AAA-LUX’s LED stadium lighting produces superior light uniformity and quality which provide a clear view for players and spectators.

Energy Efficiency and
40% less energy consumption from the get-go

Get immediate results when you switch to LED stadium lighting without compromising on the atmosphere. Combined with the smart control system InControl energy savings can easily be doubled. The stadium lighting is controlled via our wired or wireless control system that enables remote management.

Wired is a great option if you want to bring more emotion to your professional outdoor sports lighting. For harsher light pollution environments light spill shields are available.

Proven succes with Sport Field Lighting

Take a look at the projects we’ve successfully carried out in sports field lighting. You can compare your sports club’s situation with our previous work and witness the positive impact our lighting solutions have made. Trust us to deliver the very best quality and performance for your sports club.

Wodonga Diamonds FC

National Hockey Centre, ACT

Baranduda Soccer fields

Total Control Over Your Field's Illumination

With the wireless control system integrated into our LED luminaires, you have full control over the light intensity. Easily adjust the lighting levels to meet specific training or competition requirements. Whether you need bright and evenly distributed lighting for optimal visibility or a lower intensity for training purposes, our lighting system ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Make the Smart Choice Today

Join the growing number of organizations worldwide that have embraced AAA-LUX LED flood lighting solutions. Experience the benefits of sustainable illumination without compromising on performance.