Led lighting

Experience the next level of sports field lighting with AAA-LUX LED luminaires, designed in the innovative hub of Eindhoven Brandport. Our sustainable and long-lasting lighting solution is tailored to meet all your outdoor sports requirements. By switching to AAA-LUX LED luminaires, you’ll not only significantly reduce energy bills and carbon footprint but also enjoy exceptional illumination for single or multipurpose fields

Energy Efficiency and
Cost Savings

Our sports field LED lighting offers up to an 80% reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional lighting systems. This means substantial savings on your energy bills while contributing to a more sustainable environment. Our unique design allows for the reuse of existing masts and cables up to 90% of the time, keeping installation costs low and making the transition to LED lighting hassle-free.

Proven success in Sports Field Lighting

Elevate your sports facilities with the best-performing LED lighting from AAA-LUX Australia. Explore our case studies for proof of our success.

Wodonga Diamonds FC

National Hockey Centre, ACT

Baranduda Soccer fields

Total Control Over Your Field's Illumination

With the wireless control system integrated into our LED luminaires, you have full control over the light intensity. Easily adjust the lighting levels to meet specific training or competition requirements. Whether you need bright and evenly distributed lighting for optimal visibility or a lower intensity for training purposes, our lighting system ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Make the Smart Choice Today

Maximize your savings with potential council subsidies by upgrading to AAA-LUX sports field LED lighting. Contact us today to discover our solutions tailored to meet your lighting needs and unlock the benefits of superior illumination.