Deakin Oval

Welcome to the Deakin District Playing Fields, where sporting excellence meets brilliant lighting! Nestled off Denison Street, our fields, including the iconic Deakin 101, 102, and more, are now beautifully illuminated with AAA-LUX LED lighting. Enjoy your favorite activities under the perfect glow. And, with nearby car parking, convenience is at your fingertips. Join us for unforgettable moments at Deakin District Playing Fields, where every game shines brightly, just like the Mint Oval in front of the Royal Australian Mint.

Why the switch to LED, you ask?

With the scorching heat sweeping across Australia, there’s been a surge in orders for Sports LED Lighting at the Deakin District Playing Fields. We’ve responded to the demand by installing state-of-the-art AAA-LUX LED lighting solutions across our fields, including Deakin 101, 102, and many more.

Why the switch to LED, you ask? Well, it’s not just about saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint (although we love that part too!). LED Lighting provides superior illumination, even on the hottest summer days, ensuring your sports activities are well-lit and safe.

Make the right choice like Deakin and extend the enjoyment of playing.

Join the growing number of organizations worldwide that have embraced AAA-LUX LED flood lighting solutions. Experience the benefits of sustainable illumination without compromising on performance.  

Energy efficient at
the highest level.