Whitefrairs College

Tennis and hockey can be an incredibly fast-paced, visually demanding sport. Both the ball and players move quickly around the court. Players must be able to assess the flight and speed of the ball quickly and accurately to react appropriately.

In Donvale, AAA-LUX Australia was engaged by Perry Consulting Engineers and installers Geros Electrical to provide the lighting for the new multipurpose courts at Whitefriars College. The design brief was clear: Spill light to be kept to a bare minimum in keeping with the standard six-pole scheme was specified and light levels had to meet the recommendations for club competition for tennis and training and minor grade play for Hockey. Design achieved and exceeded all of these parameters.

Achieving A1 Dark - L1 - Non-curfew makes club and neighbours happy

AAA-LUX had to endure a high level of control to adhere to the strict requirements from the local environmental authorities, council, and the neighbours. Achieving A1 Dark – L1 – Non-curfew is one of the lowest illumination levels with a max of 2500cd and the GEN7 can achieve these strict parameters which we are extremely proud of. 

With the new LED-lighting system design, Whitefrairs College keeps the light within the targeted zone, while maintaining an optimum uniformity on the courts. At the same time it limits spill light to the direct surrounding area to an absolute minimum. In this particular project 12 x AAA-LUX WS1107 LS were used, equipped with light shields.

Installation details​

  • Whitefrairs College, Donvale VIC
  • 6x Tennis Courts
  • 1x Hockey Court
  • Control Box CB2.0 Supplied to enable multipurpose usage.

LED Luminaires used​

  • 12x WS1107 LS
  • 2 fittings per pole
  • 6x 20 meter poles in total

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