Baranduda Soccer fields

At AAA-LUX Australia, we prioritize investments in top-tier sports facilities that elevate the game across all levels while generating substantial economic benefits through major sporting events. Our involvement in the ambitious 100-ha development, slated to be the largest regional sports precinct between Sydney and Melbourne, underscores our dedication to enhancing sports experiences through cutting-edge lighting solutions.

Commencing in 2020, this development aims to showcase sports at local, regional, and state levels. In Stage 1, AAA-LUX undertook the challenge of illuminating two soccer fields and one AFL field, with a focus on the soccer fields in this case study. By utilizing only 20 WS270LS AAA-LUX Luminaires for the secondary field and 40 for the main 500lux field, we’ve showcased how our innovative lighting technology not only meets but exceeds the requirements for professional-grade visibility.

Cost-Efficient Sports Lighting

Our luminaires’ lightweight and minimal sail area facilitated significant savings on poles and cross arms for the installing contractor, ensuring that the project remained within budget without compromising quality. This achievement underscores the potential for sports facilities to benefit from advanced, efficient lighting solutions that enhance both athlete performance and spectator experience, while also prioritizing economic efficiency and sustainability.

AAA-LUX and Positive Electrical Delivering Excellence in Sports Lighting

AAA-LUX collaborated closely with the awarded electrical contractor, Positive Electrical, and engaged various disciplines to devise a comprehensive lighting solution tailored to meet the project’s specific requirements. The approach adopted aimed at implementing a “Best Practice” solution, ensuring long-term outcomes aligned with the highest industry standards and regulations.

Optimizing Sports Illumination

A meticulous process was undertaken to develop a Lighting Engineered offering that not only met but exceeded the lighting targets mandated for the site’s usage. Lighting levels were carefully calibrated, with the primary field targeted at Eh 500lux for professional competition and the secondary field at Eh 200lux for semi-professional play, all in accordance with Australian Standards AS2560. Moreover, strict measures were implemented to minimize spill light in compliance with AS282 Control of the Obtrusive Effects of Spill Light.

Environmental sustainability was integral to the solution, with adherence to National Light Pollution Guidelines for Wildlife and regulatory requirements outlined in the EPBC Act for managing artificial light around wildlife habitats. This holistic approach ensures that the lighting installation not only enhances sporting experiences but also minimizes its ecological footprint.


The successful implementation of AAA-LUX lighting solutions at the Baranduda Soccer Fields sets a new standard for sports facility illumination. By prioritizing collaboration, innovation, and sustainability, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to delivering exceptional lighting experiences that elevate sports for athletes and spectators alike, while minimizing environmental impact.

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