National Hockey Centre, ACT

We’re proud sponsors of the Canberra Chill at the National Hockey Centre in ACT, in partnership with Hockey ACT and the Canberra Chill team. In sports broadcasting, top-notch lighting is crucial for precise and clear action capture. AAA-LUX Australia leads the way with advanced LED lighting solutions tailored for televised sports, ensuring an unmatched viewing experience worldwide.

At AAA-LUX Australia, we recognize the pivotal role lighting plays in sports broadcasting. Our innovative LED luminaires deliver superior light quality and uniformity. Our WS2707 LS and WS2007 LS luminaires, mounted on an innovative 8-pole design, provide an impressive 1000 lux on the main hockey pitch, enhancing visibility for players and spectators alike. For other pitches hosting national and international competitions, we offer 500 lux intensity using WS270 luminaires with LS spill shields, meeting all necessary requirements and industry standards.

Additionally, our In Control system ensures efficient management and control of lighting operations, optimizing energy usage and performance. Plus, thanks to our low weight and sail area, we retain the ability to reuse existing light pole infrastructure, promoting environmental sustainability. These unique features are constant themes in our social media presence, sparking additional interest and highlighting AAA-LUX’s commitment to innovation and eco-conscious solutions.

Leading the Evolution

AAA-LUX Australia’s LED lighting technology, installed with partner Mitch Bruce from CBE | Capital Bond Electrical, has revolutionized sports broadcasting and elevated on-field lighting quality. Our solutions offer unmatched vertical uniformity, flicker-free performance, and maximum light quality, enhancing the viewing experience and player visibility globally. From capturing live action to dynamic replays, our technology continues to shape the future of sports lighting.

Illuminate your facilities potential

By investing in our tailored lighting solutions, club presidents and councils can elevate their sports facilities to new heights, offering athletes and spectators an unparalleled experience while also demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Requesting a quote today ensures that your project receives the attention and expertise it deserves

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