Light Management System

Managing sports field lighting looks easy but can be quite challenging: stray light needs to be reduced and CO2 emissions have to be minimized. With the light management system by AAA-LUX comes the solution.

A user-friendly tool that helps you manage luminaries in different combinations. Easily light up the stadium, sports field or industrial area only where, when and at the level needed. You quickly switch between light modes per field to save energy and thereby costs.

Up the quality, convenience and savings to 80%

Our user-friendly tool helps you control dimming and scene setting features in different combinations. Which offers you much more flexibility.

AAA-LUX is your go-to supplier when it comes to LED lighting and controlling. Save up by simply switching the lighting on and off via the internet at any location, at any time day or night.

We have a demonstration for you in the video. That looks easy doesn’t it?

Proven succes with Sport Field Lighting

Take a look at the projects we’ve successfully carried out in sports field lighting. You can compare your sports club’s situation with our previous work and witness the positive impact our lighting solutions have made. Trust us to deliver the very best quality and performance for your sports club.

Wodonga Diamonds FC

National Hockey Centre, ACT

Baranduda Soccer fields

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